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Combining Osteopathy and Yoga for your health & wellbeing

Osteopathy helps bring the body back into balance and helps restore it back to functioning at its best. It’s not just about manipulating the bones but working with all aspects of the body incorporating soft tissue, ligaments, muscles, joints and the viscera. Osteopaths know the anatomy and biomechanics of the body so they can work out what areas are being engaged, strengthened and also strained during different movements. Most patients notice immediately the reduction in pain after treatment but this is often hard to judge as its hard to remember how much pain you were in at the beginning and people like to see actual physical evidence of improvement. That’s where working alongside yoga, you are able to see the improvements in movement. When a patient struggles with a certain pose or position and then a few weeks later can complete the same position with ease, that’s what makes it all worthwhile. Finding ease within the body to perform the yoga poses is key to preventing further injury and to be able to progress at your pace throughout every class.

Not every yoga pose is ok for everyone’s body. By working closely with our patients who regularly practice yoga and want to push themselves more and more each week, we recognise this and can help modify and provide more suitable movements and poses to protect the spine and our patients musculoskeletal structure.

Yoga helps to increase flexibility, strength and balance. It also creates uninterrupted fluid dynamics, improve energy flow and focus the mind. Having the combination of both Osteopathy and yoga is extremely powerful. Practicing yoga can keep the body healthy and moving, but sometimes the little niggles or problem prevent you from moving forward. Osteopathy adopts the holistic approach needed to face on-going or long term injuries, health worries, and reconnecting mind, body and soul.

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