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Top tips for helping to remove wind, colic and constipation

I think for the majority of mums to be we focus on all the intricacies of getting pregnant and once we are our focus turns to how we feel during pregnancy, what changes we are experiencing etc. Most of us do not think about the end result - that we will have a beautiful little human being completely dependant on us in 9 months time. And I believe this is where after the birth and things do not go completely to plan, mums can feel lost, out of their depth & a little helpless at times. By running mother and baby groups we try and take these worries and fears away and in their place provide advice, help and support.

Most babies will experience wind, colic and constipation at some point during the first months after birth. Often it will go off its own accord quite quickly but unfortunately other times it likes to hang around a little longer. An unhappy baby means an unhappy mum and this can create an imbalance across all aspects of a mums life.

Here are my top tips for helping to remove wind, colic and constipation.

1) Try to feed your baby in a calm environment. This is easier said than done but if you can avoid feeling rushed it helps your baby to have more time and a happier feed.

2) To combat unwanted wind try some light abdominal (stomach) massage strokes - always clockwise (follows the line of the large colon). Only do this when your baby is happy otherwise it will be counterproductive.

3) Taking your baby for a nice, relaxing, walk to help them get settled. The rocking movement is key.

4) Focus on you and your baby and spending quality time together. Try not to be too caught up in what's happening on social media and worrying about what you should or shouldn't be doing.

5) Routines are great and some babies need them but this doesn't mean all of them do. Find what works best for your baby even if it goes against the grain. If they are happy and growing nicely keep going. Listen to your own baby and have confidence in yourself. You are a brilliant mum.

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